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Nov 20, 2012 11:00pm PST
by joining al qaeda. the men had purchased tickets to mexico can plans to fly from there to turkey. they learned that a 34-year-old served in the air force for a brief time. he was given an honorable discharge a year and a half after joining. >>> despite talks of a cease fire violence escalated in the middle east in gaza. 200 rockets were fired into israel. it is wednesday morning in gaza and tel aviv. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the war zone trying to broker a peace deal. in the bay area tonight, hundreds of israeli supporters gathered to pray for peace. the council general to israel was in attendance. >> we give so much support and our resilience is because of what we see here today and throughout those days. >> reporter: they set up a broadcast which showed a live feed from the shelters in israel. >>> here's a story that is drawing snickers across the country. no more private parts in public. san francisco supervisors had a tough time but they barely passed a nudity ban. but tonight it is not quite time to cover up for nudists. not yet. we get a sneak peek in the st
Nov 21, 2012 4:00am PST
's short term since the leadership of the hamas believes, like osama bin laden and al qaeda in death and destruction. their charter is to destroy israel. it's very difficult to broker a deal with somebody that wants to kill you. they're not changing their charter. the challenge here is how do we make sure that the hamas leadership understands that their motivation should be zero, very negative motivation to try and shoot indiscriminate fire on israeli civilians. >> so how far are you prepared to go? if you're seeing a ceasefire can't be agreed upon if motivation is anything but zero, how far are you prepared to go and are you prepared for the repercussions based on those actions? >> the idea is, unlike the hamas trying to kill civilians and hide behind their own civilians, we are focusing on targeting the leadership. i hope and believe the residents, citizens of gaza will go back to leaders and say do us a favor, stop shooting israel. we need to broker maybe a deal, have some quiet. israel is interested in this. i'm sure most residents of gaza are interested. the leadership of the ha
Nov 23, 2012 6:00am PST
detention center in kabul. >>> we're learning more this morning about the burial of al qaeda leader osama bin laden. the u.s. military released several e-mails describing bin laden's burial at sea. it was carried out aboard the uss carl vinson the day after bin laden was killed during a raid on his pakistan compound. the e-mail states traditional islamic burial procedures were followed. one e-mail said a military officer read a prepared religious remark which was translated into arabic by a native speaker. it also revealed fewer than a dozen people aboard the ship knew about the burial. >>> it is 6:14. here is a quick check of the day's top stories. israeli troops shot and killed a palestinian man along the gaza border today, just two days after a cease-fire was announced between the two sides. nine other people were injured. israeli forces say there was a disturbance on the border but would not elaborate. >>> halle berry's ex is charged with battery after getting into a fistfight with the actress's fiance at berry's home in l.a. gabrielle aubry went to the hospital before eventually goin
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3